7 Breakfast Delicacies You Must Taste in Kerala

A substantial breakfast is useful for wellbeing as the calories you get from it frequently needs to manage you for the day. A late morning supper is every now and again missed or it could be something light for the individuals who have a bustling calendar. Give us a chance to observe the assortment of Kerala breakfast.


Puttu (Rice Cake)

The fundamental elements of all regularly Kerala dishes are rice and coconut. In time long past circumstances it was simply rice porridge with spread and a curry produced using crude banana and coconut chutney. For a change there was “Puttu” and fiery curry of chick peas or the gentler green lentils cooked with coconut. Puttu comprises of layers of simmered soaked rice powder and coconut gratings on the other hand stuffed in a bamboo shaft kept over a vessel of water and steamed. Bamboo has been supplanted by metal tubes. The dish stays well known right up ’til the present time. Star inns serve it in their smorgasbord breakfast. Puttu is top notch with little banana and sugar.

Idli and Dosa

In time Idli and Dosa made their passage from the neighboring State of Tamilnadu and transformed into chief dishes of Kerala. Iddly is said to be the most advantageous breakfast, as it contains ground lentils and rice aged for a night. It is steamed in exceptional steamers.

Dosa with Chutney

For Dosas the same yet more slender player is spread in a Dosa skillet and simmered with a couple of drops of oil or ghee. The side dishes are coconut chutney and sambar. At a homestay you can request exceptional chutneys.


Palappam (Appam)

This delicacy is produced using a thin player of rice and coconut to which yeast and sugar are included a couple of hours before cooking. An extraordinary skillet is important in which the player is spread thin by moving it. The inside will be thick and delicate with a frilly light dark colored outskirts. It is a scrumptious dish and can be had with stew of potato and onion advanced by coconut drain. The stew could be that of chicken or duck or lamb. For those with a sweet tooth Aappam can be appreciated with sugar and coconut drain.


Idiyappam can be called prepared to eat rice noodles. Utilizing bubbling water, rice flour is blended and made into delicate batter and squeezed out in fragile thin strands and steamed. The side dishes are the same as the ones for Appams.


Vattayappam originated from the Christian people group. Thick rice player matured with yeast and sugar is filled a round plate and steamed. Raisins or kerala banana cut into little pieces are frequently added to the player. I like it a great deal.



Pathiri is the essential dish of Muslim families. They may serve it with any feast. “Pleasant pathiri” is set up by adding rice flour to bubbling water, manipulated and made into little balls which are squeezed in a Pathiri press. They are really decent when presented with chicken stew or curry. Prawn pathiri is a delicacy arranged on unique events. Prawns are cooked with a few flavors into a semi-strong shape and spooned between two thicker pathiris, which is then steamed or simmered in a container. This dish is served just by families for visitors.

Do attempt to have some of these breakfast dishes when you go to Kerala. You can ask your Kerala visit administrator to manage you in picking the menu!

Furthermore, do tell me which one loved most… !

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