15 Best Tree Houses In Kerala That Are Perfect For An Intimate Date With Nature

Attributable to its broad coastline, palm-lined shorelines, purplish blue backwaters, and a created system of waterways, God’s own nation, Kerala, is the brilliant ticket to get nearer to nature for every one of the explorers. Another celebrated part of this city is its appealing tree houses. Because of its rising fame, Kerala has seen an expansion in the quantity of tree houses off of late.

Hence, we have arranged a rundown of the best tree houses in Kerala, that will give lavish, quiet, and serene settlement in the midst of nature.

Tree Houses In Munnar


  1. Wilderness Jive Tree House

Set in the midst of 15 section of land manors, Jungle Jive Tree House is a family-run bungalow in Devagiri, Munnar. It is a standout amongst other tree houses in Kerala that can give a hurried to the best tree houses on the planet. It offers agreeable rooms with joined galleries disregarding rich green manors, and give superb perspectives of the mountains.

  1. Nature Zone Jungle Resort

As the name recommends, Nature Zone Jungle Resort gives an amalgamated domain of nature and untamed life. It is a standout amongst other tree house resorts in Kerala for nature sweethearts that not just gives exciting perspectives of the evergreen mountains yet in addition gives comfortable rooms exquisite stylistic layouts.

  1. Dream Catcher Resort

Inserted inside 20 sections of land of tea, cardamom, and orange manors, Dream Catcher Resort serves genuine equity to its name. With serene rooms, contemporary stylistic theme, proficient staff, ayurvedic spa treatment, and captivating perspectives of enormous mountains, this treehouse in Munnar is genuinely a blessing from heaven.

  1. Vanya Tree House

Settled in a serene evergreen woodland, Vanya tree house offers something beyond a remain. It draws individuals to rest in the arms of nature in the midst of the mountain fog, far from the clamoring city life. Thought to be a standout amongst other tree houses in South India, this diamond of a resort is arranged in closeness to the Periyar National Park.

  1. Kaivalyam Retreat Treehouse

Kaivalyam Retreat Treehouse is a desert spring of health arranged in the tea valleys of Munnar. It is a standout amongst the most mitigating tree houses in Kerala arranged in a peaceful situation that entices explorers to result in these present circumstances put and enjoy an all-encompassing way of life through customary yoga and natural method for eating.

  1. Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat

Ela Ecoland is a standout amongst other tree houses in Kerala, set in the midst of cardamom and espresso estates. This place offers average provincial vibe with no contemporary mix, i.e., it is simply you and nature, alongside some flavorful nearby food arranged in their own eatery by the first occupants of the place.

  1. Tree House Wayanad

Arranged in the midst of broad ranches, Tree House Wayanad is a standout amongst the most beautiful treehouses in Kerala. This tree house gives serene rooms average insides and great perspectives of the rich green fauna alongside lip smacking nourishment.

  1. Green Magic Resort

Built from green, supportable, and recyclable materials, Green Magic Resort is one of the finest eco-accommodating tree house resorts in Kerala. With modern rooms in the midst of broad vegetation and fauna and various comforts in and around the resort, it is an ideal den from the city, particularly amid offseason in Kerala.

  1. Serene Resort

Covered by lavish green greenery enclosures and ranches, Tranquil Resort offers a portion of the best tree houses in Kerala with current conveniences. Set in a simply peaceful condition, this property offers outright extravagance in a provincial setup with offices, for example, ayurvedic rub, swimming pool, fine feasting, and complimentary breakfast.

  1. Hiliya Resort

Experience the Kerala way of life at Hiliya Resort, one of the finest Wayanad resorts tree house. This resort offers great rooms with agile insides and first-rate pleasantries like spa focus, open porch, auto rental and amusement and exercises room.

  1. Preserves Springs Resort Wayanad

Arranged on the second most noteworthy pinnacle of Wayanad, this boutique resort gives nature-based lodging. This property incorporates a portion of the best tree houses in Kerala arranged high above to give the superior perspective of the lavish green manors and furthermore offers luxuries like back rub focus, swimming pool, and a garden with grill office.

  1. Vythiri Resort

Victor of International Quality Crown Award, Vythiri Resort isn’t just a single of the finest among the best tree house resorts in Kerala yet in addition outstanding amongst other tree houses in India. Set close to a mountain stream, and encompassed by lavish green tropical woods, this resort is an ideal hideaway for nature devotees and couples.

Other Tree Houses In Kerala

  1. Pepper Green Village

Situated on the banks of Kaveri waterway, Pepper Green Village offers extraordinary compared to other Wayanad resorts tree house. With broad paddy fields on one side and a waterway on the opposite side alongside pepper and flavor manors, this resort furnishes a common habitat with a tinge of urban extravagances.

  1. Rangerwood Nature Castle

Arranged near the Periyar National Park, Rangerwood Nature Castle offers the most pleasant Thekkady tree house for a permanent affair. These tree houses give amazing perspectives of the national stop and offer a scope of exercises to enjoy, similar to tiger trail, Jeep safari, zest visit, and some more.

  1. Rainforest Tree House

Witness the mix of nature with current engineering at extraordinary compared to other tree houses in Kerala backwaters. Love the perspectives of thriving rainforests and huge waterfalls alongside extremely quick room administration, and offices, for example, swimming pool, indoor diversions, and fine eating eatery at a standout amongst the most lavish tree houses in Kerala.

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