biological hygiene

4 products for biological hygiene without which I can not live

My transition to organic skin care was happy. I had a series of skin problems with the use of beauty products and personal beauty. Now that I use organic, my skin and my body feel much better. I would like to introduce you some of the organic body care products with which I had problems, but nothing more! biological hygiene

Organic cleansing gel

The skin on our face is treated so hard every day. The beauty of a woman, however, derives so much from the appearance of her skin. Considering how many environmental factors are acting against my face, in addition to my daily skin care routine, the search for reducing chemicals in my life has naturally shifted to how I take care of my face.

biological hygiene

I have a combination of oily complexion, so finding a good facial cleanser can be particularly difficult. The beauty treatment I had previously included a conventional facial wash foam, which greatly touched my skin on my face. He did a great job getting rid of the dirt and makeup of the day, but I also seemed to take a whole layer of my skin with it. The hardness of the chemicals in these commercial facial cleaners made me blush and tingle my face. Without moisturizer I would literally sting for hours. It did not seem normal to me.

So I looked up and down until I found an organic solution. The botanical ingredients in my natural facial cleansing gel provided the relief I was looking for. Cleansing gels with organic ingredients are delicately purifying, but so delicate that I can often skip the moisturizer now, if I feel like it.

Organic moisturizer

As I said before, the aggressive chemicals on my face made my skin raw and painful. So skipping the moisturizer was impossible for me. But the moisturizers also had their disadvantages.

It is known that oil-based “normal” moisturizers suffocate the skin and hinder its ability to self-regulate. When I woke up in the morning, I felt my face as if I had slept in the scorching heat of Bangkok – my face was often covered by a sticky and greasy film. So, my combination of oily and moisturizing skin together led to clogged pores and breakouts. And that also meant that I had to wash my hair more often because this fat film had moved into my hair during sleep.

The switch to Organic has completely changed it. The ingredients of organic skin care are combined to support, rejuvenate and regulate the sophisticated mechanics of the skin itself. What I loved about organic moisturizers was that my skin seemed to have been drinking it. Applying makeup later felt that it would not absorb the interior, which means I could use less.

Organic facial masks

Most women’s skin care routines also include a type of facial mask. I used a commercial face mask a few times a week, but I also have friends who use one every day.

I was very worried about drying some chemically charged liquids for 20 minutes and sucking it into my skin. Of course, they contained some useful ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, but the rest of the ingredients looked like the name of my shampoo. I wondered if I should apply masks and wondered if this really helped keep my skin young, or maybe even unknowingly.

The organic face masks do not exist. Most of the ingredients used are completely natural. Certified organic means that 95% or more of the ingredients are of plant origin. This means that instead of some nutritionally valuable ingredients, my face now floats in a wealth of soothing herbs and oils.

Organic Toothpaste

The mouth is another place in our faces where many chemicals enter our bodies. The fault is not only about food, but also about the products we take care of. I’ve had increasingly sensitive teeth over the years. At first I did not associate it with commercial toothpaste. But with the increase in public awareness of the effect of fluoride found in commercial toothpastes, I switched to Bio.

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