6 Follow-Up Strategies Every E-Commerce Business Should Know

In e-commerce business, you are competing in a very crowded space where you have to battle constantly to find and retain existing customers. But to be honest it doesn’t need to be like a war. If you brainstorm and design and come up with a clever follow up strategies for you and your customer’s benefits, you need to create build a reliable network that leads your customers to your website again and to be able to do this you need to have a strategy that focuses on consistency, personalization, and automation. Here are some ways that will help you to gain more customers.

  1. The welcome email


The welcome emails are very important and it will be the first step towards leaving a good impression. When someone signup for email communication it Is because they have shown interest in your brand which is a good sign. A survey by a leading surveyor brand has concluded in their report that the welcome email is the most opened email (58%) compared to your other messages. So now you know the importance of your first mail so what you will do?

Well to begin with never waste your time talking about something generic. You can also include coupons and cash back offers, for instance, Makemytrip coupon, TatacliqCashback. The purpose of the emails is to make your client feel special.

Always answer the call from your client within minutes never let it slip through days or weeks.

  1. The thank you email + post sales notifications


When you use automation software’s to send your customers thank you emails and sales update, try sometimes intervene in between while sending those messages. Start with a thank you, try to be authentic and most importantly sound human.  While sending the mails try to add a link leading to your website. Sometimes using humor can really have a good impact on your business.

  1. Send helpful resources


When someone has joined your mailing list or purchased something, add their mail id on automation so that they can be a part of your series of campaigns. Try sending them fresh, intriguing, educational articles or content which the customers can relate to and at the same time provide some solution for it as well. By using content marketing you can stay on top of your game and also in your customer’s mind which won’t be annoying in long term.

  1. Be social


A research from a global company showed that social media marketing has become a huge success and overtaken other means of advertising. So this report gives us a very valuable point that is to plan comprehensively in ahead to be on top of our campaigns.  We can begin by using a content calendar through which we can mark all the major and important holidays in advance. We can also advertise our most viewed campaigns on all the platforms to make a significant impact.

  1. Abandoned cart reminders


According to an institutional research, the average rate of a cart being abandoned is a whopping 70 percent and that’s a high number of potential sales that we are losing or distraction was the factor of cart abandonment or forgetfulness. This happens all the time and to make a possible sale out of all those carts. You need to use the technology to your benefit. Companies need to create an automation loop to get back to those customers through a series of reminders.

The first reminder mail should be sent within 24 hours because it is the time when the buying impulse is still fresh. And you do not stop by first mail try sending emails in the regular interval if the purchase still has not been made. You can also include images alternatively and use humor to your advantage.

  1. Re-engagement campaign


It is always better to know if people are still interested in your mails and frankly having a large mailing list and knowing the majority of them don’t even read your mails will help you in cleaning up of the mailing list and helping you focus on those who read. If you have a lot of nonreaders automate a message asking if they would like to continue to be a part of your mailing list.

You have to keep something’s in mind that it is not because people dislike your brand or don’t want to be associated with your brand any longer the reason can be because your brand has not been able to be in your customers’ radar. Try including special offers to attract more customers.

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