Intermarriage Advantages And Disadvantages

Intermarriage and mixed-raced marriages existed from the earliest times. It has been prestigious to marry a foreigner.However, nothing has changed; mixed marriages are very popular.

Specialists who conduct researches on intermarriages name a few drawbacks of such marriages.

  1. It is a nonconformity of cultures, customs, traditions, approaches to upbringing. Due to these differences, there are conflicts within such families oftentimes. Usually such daily routine aspects as everyday ritual and custom observance, culinary traditions, let alone religious ceremonies matters. They are important during abstinence period, big religious holidays, let alone during weddings, at children being born and their upbringing.
  2. Oftentimes intermarriages face with misunderstanding and condemnation on the part of environment.Not only colleagues, neighbors, friends and people you barely know may blame, chatter and search for insincerity,financial benefitwho have decided on officially make romantic relationships legitimate. Very often family members and close ones are against of such relationships while they are the first ones whom such couples seek support from.
  3. Some ancients are brought from the early childhood with a sense of national prideand fear for assimilationand confidence in the necessity to start a family within their nation only. Moreover, many representatives of such ethnos until present days, in the era of globalization, believe that it is necessary to communicate with “fellow tribesmen” of your own in order not to lose your distinctive character, vivid national distinguishing features and not to replace, not to mix, not to lose your customs and traditions when combining.
  4. One more disadvantage concerns those who live in other countries. In such a family, one partner minimum is to face with not a new mentality and style of life only but also brand new legal baseand public health organization. A young family may face troubles on any stage, from the very beginning.

Moving to another place of constant living may be not easy from organizational point of view. Getting a visa, residence permit, citizenship. Language barrier may be an issue quite often. It is no secret that many husbands and wives of foreigners feel homesick, they miss their dear ones, places they used to go and even foodstuffs.Of course, it is nothing if to compare with a big true love. Life is consisted of such little things though.

If there were children born within such families, they take a special place. If such a family wrecks, this is the time when real difficulties begin. Oftentimes, a husband/wife who came over from another country turns out to be less protected in the eyes of the law and standards of the right put him/her in close statutory framework.

When considering whom out of the two the children are to live with, it does not matter what the children or parents want quite oftenbut national interests only.At that, in case parents begin fighting for their kid, blaming each other, more often than not children are taken to orphanages or even for adoption.

If to speak about advantages of such families, from psychologists` perspective intermarriages teach society how to be patient and ability to treat representatives of other nations with understanding and make relations between countries and ethnos better. Due to such families, conflicts of law between countries are solved, mutual related-party interest in culture and social life history of other nation grows on, stimulates social collaboration.

Society opinion

Sociological surveys bring to light that 35-40% of people do not believe in intermarriages considering them less long-living comparing to non-national. 15-20% of people believe that all the marriages are equal despite whether the spouses are of the same nation or not. 30-35% of respondents are sure that intermarriage is a good thing and such a family is stronger, which is confirmed bydata of many social researches, surveys and population count.

Psychologists are sure that it does not matter whether spouses are of one and the same nation or not. Prosperity, harmonyand strength of a family depends on this family members only, on ability to forgive and forget, on patience, openness to new experience and respect, on warmth and fullness of feelings, trust, serious attitude to a partner and a family, responsibility, reciprocal affection and love.

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